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We proudly use fresh fruits, natural premium tea, and the finest ingredients to bring you the most Natural, Healthy, and Tasty Taiwanese Bubble Tea and Taiwanese Food!

In 2010 a young couple had their honeymoon in Hawaii and fell in love with this beautiful island. They decided to spend the rest of their lives here. They spent three years to prepare to move to Hawaii and wanted to bring something special to their paradise: the most popular drinks from Taiwan. Unlike other bubble tea stores, they insist on using the most natural ingredients in order to bring the most healthy and tasty drinks. They use fresh fruits instead of concentrate or powder, and pure cane sugar instead of artificial syrup. They carefully pick and import premium tea from Taiwan. In order to provide the best quality, they freshly cook bubble and brew tea every couple of hours. More than that, they insist using pure water to brew every cup of tea, and brown sugar for the bubbles to bring the best taste. They also offer different levels of sweetness and ice, and several different toppings and make every cup to your liking. As their slogan states, they want to bring you the most Natural, Healthy, and Tasty drinks!

There will be more Taiwanese food coming on their menu: snowcream, TW Chicken wings, popcorn chicken, noodles, tea egg----. Welcome and enjoy!


"I ordered the pudding milk tea, and my friends had the pudding milk tea and chocolate milk tea. The milk tea tasted very delicious, and I also ordered the popcorn chicken, it tasted very good! Highly recommend!"

Hau Duc H.


"Some of the richest milk tea I've had on the island, it was absolutely delicious. The vibe inside is super nice as well!"

Hannah F.


"The food we ordered was done perfectly as we requested, we are from Taiwan and have been eating Taiwanese food since we were born, and the bento they provided here was exactly the same as the one we had, would definitely come back again!!!! Strongly recommend."

Chih-Hung W.

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We serve a variety of food here at Dragon Tea. Our menu offers DT Honeydew Milk, Passionfruit Lemon Green Tea, Sweet Potato Fries, Grape Green Tea, Fish Ball Soup, and more! We are located on North School Street. Order online for carryout or delivery!
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